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US soldiers pursue militants in Helmand province. The shadowy Task Force
373 meanwhile focuses its efforts on more than 2,000 senior Taliban
figures on a target


US soldiers pursue militants in Helmand province. The shadowy Task
Force 373 meanwhile focuses its efforts on more than 2,000 senior
Taliban figures on a target list. Photograph: Adrees Latif/Reuters

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Hello, I’m Mary Marshall with the BBC News. The number of people killed
in the Taliban bomb attack in the Afghan capital Kabul has risen to 95.
A further 158 others were injured. The Red Cross in Afghanistan has
condemned the use of an ambulance to carry out an attack,saying it could
be illegal under International Humanitarian Law. Our South Asia editor
Joemy Giverin reports. The ambulance packed with explosives blew up
close to a fortified area of the city near a hospital, but also offices
used by the government, security forces and foreign missions. The street
was crowded and most of the dead were local civilians. It’s the Taliban
second major attack in Kabul in a week. The current 【1】surgent
violence comes as the US increases its support for Afghan forces,
including more air strikes on militant targets and made government
claims that it’s finally winning the war against the Taliban and other
militant groups.

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The Nato coalition in Afghanistan has been using an undisclosed
“black” unit of special forces, Task Force 373, to hunt down targets
for death or detention without trial. Details of more than 2,000
senior figures from the Taliban and al-Qaida are held on a “kill or
capture” list, known as Jpel, the joint prioritised effects list.

The multibillionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is the latest
high-profile figure to be released in Saudi Arabia after a major
anti-corruption drive was launched in November. He is reported to have
been freed this morning from detention in a luxury hotel in Riyadh. With
more details, here is our Middle East analyst Sebastian Usher. In hot
cash terms【流资上看】
, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has been the
biggest catch of all in the Saudi purge with an extraodinary array of
business interests across the world. He is estimated to be worth some 17
billion dollars. He denied any charge has been made against him and
expressed his total support forthe efforts by Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman towards a new Saudi Arabia. He 【2】vehemently dismissed a
report, but he had been asked to hand over six billion dollars as the
price ofhis release as well as rumors that he been tortured.

prioritised effects list)。

2【|ˈvi:əmənt| ① (ADJ-GRADED) 激情的;激烈的;暴烈的 If a person or their actions or comments are vehement, the person has very strong feelings or opinions and expresses them forcefully.】
@a vehement denial/attack/protest, etc. 强烈的否认、攻击、抗议等

In many cases, the unit has set out to seize a target for internment,
but in others it has simply killed them without attempting to capture.
The logs reveal that TF 373 has also killed civilian men, women and
children and even Afghan police officers who have strayed into its

The military in Mali says at least 14 soldiers have been killed in an
attack in the northof the country. Nearly 20 others were injured. The
suspected Islamic militants overran a military base in Soumpi 100
kilometers southwest of Timbuktu. Islamic attacks have increased in
recent months. Earlier this week, 26 civilians were killed when their
vehicle hit a land mine【地雷】 in central Mali. World news from the


The United Nations’ special rapporteur for human rights, Professor
Philip Alston, went to Afghanistan in May 2008 to investigate rumours
of extrajudicial killings. He warned that international forces were
neither transparent nor accountable and that Afghans who attempted to
find out who had killed their loved ones “often come away
empty-handed, frustrated and bitter”.

世家好,作者是Mary·马歇尔,款待收听BBC音信。塔利班武装在阿富汗都城内罗毕创设了炸弹袭击,遇难人数已经上升到了九十八个人,另外还应该有1伍21人受伤。阿富汗红十字会对塔利班使用救护车实行袭击表示指谪,称此举大概违反了国际人道主义法,以下是本台驻南亚编辑卓米·吉夫林的电视发表。装载着炸药的救护车在惠来县一块防备森严的地带爆炸,那左近有一家医院,还也是有政党,安全体队和驻外使馆应用的商务楼。那条街人士密集,当先四分之二丧命者为地方市民,那是塔利班武装本周在乌鲁木齐动员的第3回高大袭击。最近塔利班刚强的攻势是出于United States追加对了阿富汗军事的帮助,富含增添对塔利班的长空打击,并且让阿富汗政坛宣布他们最后打赢了塔利班和任何器具团体。



Now, for the first time, the leaked war logs reveal details of deadly
missions by TF 373 and other units hunting down Jpel targets that were
previously hidden behind a screen of misinformation. They raise
fundamental questions about the legality of the killings and of the
long-term imprisonment without trial, and also pragmatically about the
impact of a tactic which is inherently likely to kill, injure and
alienate the innocent bystanders whose support the coalition craves.



On the night of Monday 11 June 2007, the leaked logs reveal, the
taskforce set out with Afghan special forces to capture or kill a
Taliban commander named Qarl Ur-Rahman in a valley near Jalalabad. As
they approached the target in the darkness, somebody shone a torch on
them. A firefight developed, and the taskforce called in an AC-130
gunship, which strafed the area with cannon fire: “The original
mission was aborted and TF 373 broke contact and returned to base.
Follow-up Report: 7 x ANP KIA, 4 x WIA.” In plain language: they
discovered that the people they had been shooting in the dark were
Afghan police officers, seven of whom were now dead and four wounded.


The coalition put out a press release which referred to the firefight
and the air support and then failed entirely to record that they had
just killed or wounded 11 police officers. But, evidently fearing that
the truth might leak, it added: “There was nothing during the
firefight to indicate the opposing force was friendly. The individuals
who fired on coalition forces were not in uniform.” The involvement of
TF 373 was not mentioned, and the story didn’t get out.


However, the incident immediately rebounded into the fragile links
which other elements of the coalition had been trying to build with
local communities. An internal report shows that the next day
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Phillips, commander of the Provincial
Reconstruction Team, took senior officers to meet the provincial
governor, Gul Agha Sherzai, who accepted that this was “an unfortunate
incident that occurred among friends”. They agreed to pay compensation
to the bereaved families, and Phillips “reiterated our support to
prevent these types of events from occurring again”.


Yet, later that week, on Sunday 17 June, as Sherzai hosted a “shura”
council at which he attempted to reassure tribal leaders about the
safety of coalition operations, TF 373 launched another mission,
hundreds of miles south in Paktika province. The target was a
notorious Libyan fighter, Abu Laith al-Libi. The unit was armed with a
new weapon, known as Himars – High Mobility Artillery Rocket System –
a pod of six missiles on the back of a small truck.

Mobility Artillery 罗克et

The plan was to launch five rockets at targets in the village of
Nangar Khel where TF 373 believed Libi was hiding and then to send in
ground troops. The result was that they failed to find Libi but killed
six Taliban fighters and then, when they approached the rubble of a
madrasa, they found “initial assessment of 7 x NC KIA” which
translates as seven non-combatants killed in action. All of them were
children. One of them was still alive in the rubble: “The Med TM
immediately cleared debris from the mouth and performed CPR.” After 20
minutes, the child died.

x NC


The coalition made a press statement which owned up to the death of
the children and claimed that troops “had surveillance on the compound
all day and saw no indications there were children inside the
building”. That claim is consistent with the leaked log. A press
release also claimed that Taliban fighters, who undoubtedly were in
the compound, had used the children as a shield.


The log refers to an unnamed “elder” who is said to have “stated that
the children were held against their will” but, against that, there is
no suggestion that there were any Taliban in the madrasa where the
children died.


The rest of the press release was certainly misleading. It suggested
that coalition forces had attacked the compound because of “nefarious
activity” there, when the reality was that they had gone there to kill
or capture Libi.


It made no mention at all of Libi, nor of the failure of the mission
(although that was revealed later by NBC News in the United States).
Crucially, it failed to record that TF 373 had fired five rockets,
destroying the madrasa and other buildings and killing seven children,
before anybody had fired on them – that this looked like a mission to
kill and not to capture. Indeed, this was clearly deliberately


The internal report was marked not only “secret” but also “Noforn”, ie
not to be shared with the foreign elements of the coalition. And the
source of this anxiety is explicit: “The knowledge that TF 373
conducted a HIMARS strike must be protected.” And it was. This crucial
fact remained secret, as did TF 373’s involvement.


Again, the lethal attack caused political problems. The provincial
governor arranged compensation and held a shura with local leaders
when, according to an internal US report, “he pressed the Talking
Points given to him and added a few of his own that followed in line
with our current story”. Libi remained targeted for death and was
killed in Pakistan seven months later by a missile from an unmanned
CIA Predator.


In spite of this tension between political and military operations, TF
373 continued to engage in highly destructive attacks. Four months
later, on 4 October, they confronted Taliban fighters in a village
called Laswanday, only 6 miles from the village where they had killed
the seven children. The Taliban appear to have retreated by the time
TF 373 called in air support to drop 500lb bombs on the house from
which the fighters had been firing.